I could reel of a list of my skills and attributes like all the other photographers. I'm creative, passionate, professional, dedicated etc etc

I'm sure that any decent self employed photographer out there would say exactly the same. We have to be creative to be a photographer for a living, we will all be passionate, that's why we love to do this all day everyday. We are all dedicated but it doesn't really mean anything. There needs to be something different. I'm sure that we can all produce great work and will all have slightly differing styles, however, from my research, I am the only commercial photographer with the following guarantee.

I guarantee my clients will be satisfied with the quality of my work and the excellent results that they expect, or they don't pay my fees. This is how confident I am that anybody who chooses me to take their commercial, architectural or lifestyle photographs will love the results otherwise they don't have to pay for them. I prepare a preview of my work with smaller lower resolution image files, and once agreed that they are just what we agreed and my client wanted, we can arrange payment and delivery of the final high resolution, great quality images in the method chosen. This could be a USB stick, File sharing site such as WeTransfer (which I highly recommend) or a Disc if preferred.

So there is nothing to loose by contacting me and we can discuss exactly what your photography requirements are. I work with my clients and their brief to deliver great results. I work very hard on each individual assignment treating each one with a fresh approach whilst all the time drawing on experience from previous work to achieve the desired outcome. 

A typical full day photo shoot would start with an initial meeting, either over the telephone or email to discuss the requirements, or we can arrange to meet at the shoot location to discuss on site. The day itself would then begin at whatever time is required, even before dawn if there are images required for sunrise etc. I then work very hard for the full day, causing minimum disruption especially if it's a busy working environment. Although many areas and rooms of the business may have to be staged to ensure they look their very best and so that I have the time to prepare the stage and setup including lighting. Other areas including any public areas can be shot as they are often including during busy periods including shots with customers and staff to give a true realistic representation of exactly what we are advertising. I would work through to any time necessary to complete the job. There could then be anywhere from three hours to three days spent working on the photographs in post processing. Working on various techniques including correcting white balance for accurate colour casts, varying exposures and possibly blending multiple images into HDR or panoramas as required, correcting converging verticals, cropping, removing unwanted items from shots, masking, cloning, increasing or decreasing saturation and vibrance, sharpening.....the list goes on and on in Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop and other software applications. I then export the images to jpg files and load them onto my website so that they can be reviewed in the clients comfort and own time. When I am then informed that they are happy with them (and so far this has always been the case) I will send the best quality images to them. 

So by working in this way, I am taking a risk that I may not earn anything from possibly many days hard work, but because I have great self belief and confidence in my photography I am happy to offer this backup to my clients for complete peace of mind. 

If you are unsure as to how long I may take and don't know if you would be looking at a half day or full day, or somewhere in between or even more, contact me and we can discuss it. I'm also very fair and not rigid and strict as other professions or tradesmen often are. We've probably all had plumbers and electricians doing work for us by the hour and somehow always seem to work 5 minutes over the hour mark and charging a higher rate. I'm not like that and consider client satisfaction and therefore repeat work and good recommendations are far more important than a few extra pounds on the initial job. 

I will always offer discounts and offers for clients likely to have further work or multiple assignments.     


Consider every profession and the fees payable to the artist employed. How much effort and time are they likely to put in if the returns don't make it worth their while? Everything in life is the same, you get what you pay for. You shop at M&S and Waitrose for some items because you know very well that they will be better than the same items in Lidl or Aldi. You buy a Mercedes or Audi because the quality is far higher than a Kia or a Hyundai (no offence to any owners of these vehicles, they are purely examples) and therefore worth paying extra for. It's the same with photography. If you pay a small fee to a photographer who does not make the effort because they would be better off moving onto their next assignment because there is more in it for them, you will not get the same returns. You want great results to drive new customers your way. Fantastic images that sell your business will easily pay for themselves many many times over. It's a business investment.  

However it's a balancing act, because at the same time as charging reasonable fees to cover expenses, pay a living etc, I need business, I need clients. If I price too high, I will not get the work and I need to pay the mortgage, pay for cars, camera equipment and to support a shopaholic wife and two daughters. Yes, I live with three girls, 36, 8 and 2. So maybe now you will hire me out of sympathy or just to help me to get out of the house for a few hours sanity! 

The prices I have quoted are really a guide. I know if I was looking for somebody to hire online, I would want some idea of how much it would cost. I'd be very unlikely to call or email somebody without fees. So you may prefer to pay for your images per photograph rather than per day or half day, that's fine, we can come up with something. I would just need to know what, where, when, how long and we can agree a figure we are both happy with. 


No sale, No fee. This means that the client cannot loose as they only pay for photographs they want to keep and use. If for any reason they choose not to use any, there is no fee payable. 

A full set will be taken and a file given to the client to preview and once they have decided which ones they would like, maximum resolution images will be processed using Lightroom and Photoshop and delivered in an agreed format.  

The prices for commercial premises including hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, cafe's, offices, salon's, clubs etc are:

Price per photograph: £50

Discounts are available for buying multiple photographs. Please contact us for further information. 

My dad was a highly successful architect and I was brought up around drawing boards, plans and buildings, spending many hours and days by his side both in his office and on site. This background has without doubt helped me understand the design concepts of residential, commercial and industrial property and combining the practical nature of the bricks and mortar with the artistic elements of light, form and composition has given me an advantage when it comes to taking a high quality photograph to 'show off' the room, garden and building exterior to it's best.

Developing the technique of HDR photography has taken the images to the next level and one that really does show an interior room in particular to it's absolute best. It combines anything from 2 up to 7 differently exposed images into one photograph to help control shadows and highlights, saturation of colours, contrast and clarity. Also shooting the photo in RAW rather than a JPG helps to accurately represent the colour temperature and gives much more control over the light and dark tones in the picture. 


estate agency property photography

architectural photography

interior design photography

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For estate agency photography the fees are:

1-6 images £48

7-14 images £72

15-30 images £96

For other projects including commercial photography or images of your business, please contact me and we can discuss your individual requirements and agree a fee and timescales etc, Once we have initially discussed your needs, I am also more than happy to come along to the location and discuss further without cost or obligation. You can tell me what your vision is for your project and we can share ideas on the best way to turn that vision into high quality stunning images. 

Every photographer will have a different approach and a unique vision for each image, don't make a decision based upon price, choose who is going to deliver the best results, with the best service and in the timescale required.


15 Years an Estate Agents in North Liverpool and 12 years working for an independent estate agent as the sales manager dealing with every aspect of property sales and specialising in photography, floorplans and written property descriptions.   



Included within the above fees are all of the following:

  • Preparation of equipment (normally the night before including charging batteries, formatting memory cards etc)
  • Research of location, discussions with the client on exact requirements and desired outcome / style
  • Transport costs including car and fuel
  • Time spent on location taking the photographs.
  • Post processing of images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in home office using quality calibrated pc monitor
  • Delivery of images to client using either photo upload / sharing software or sent in post on DVD or USB memory stick