Free tablet for bride and groom


Free Amazon HD 8

Each couple get a tablet during the wedding breakfast, with images from the earlier part of the day to pass around and share with guests.

There will normally be an opportunity for me to take time out whilst the couple, family and friends are all enjoying the wedding breakfast or meal to start editing some images. These will be loaded onto an Amazon HD 8 Tablet so it can be passed around to enjoy. 

There may be some images from the morning preparations, the guests at the ceremony, or the bride's arrival at church. It's a nice way to view an early selection of the wedding photographs and of course, the couple can keep the tablet as a free gift.

All the other images, of which there would typically be around 300 - 500 for a full days coverage, will be individually processed by myself and sent to the couple within 6 weeks on a presentation USB memory stick. These photographs will be copyright free, high resolution, quality jpg's that can be used to make a wedding album, printed at home or professionally to produce large wall art or canvases.