Aerial Photography

CAA Qualified UAV (Drone) Pilot

I now have my certificate from the CAA to enable me to operate the drone commercially. There are understandably various restrictions and regulations that must be adhered to for safety reasons but in the right location and conditions, it can produce beautiful results. 

It could be for many different requirements for an aerial drone, and below are just a few examples of how they have been used recently.

  • Marketing of a property or farm for sale or let
  • Roof inspections to prevent having to erect expensive and time consuming scaffolding
  • Construction inspections and update videos
  • Farm's aerial crop surveys
  • Promotional material for a company website
  • Sports and recreational events from a new and exciting angle
  • As a gift for somebody with a boat so they have a photo/video to treasure
  • Golf course hole-by-hole flyby's
  • Camping and caravan site for marketing and website use

I am available to hire and can discuss the different options with clients if they want to contact me by phone or email. Let me know what you are thinking of and we can decide how and when it would be best to go ahead with the project. 

Not only are the fees likely to be less than most people would imagine, I also offer the service that the client pays for the photographs or videos on delivery and only when they are completely satisfied. Although for obvious reasons, I will always strive to get the best results that both myself and my client are happy with first time.

In the event of the conditions not being suitable to fly, we will have to rearrange but there will be no expense to the client for that. It will be rearranged on a mutually convenient day for both parties.  

I look forward to hearing from anybody with their thoughts. 

Drone Photography

It may have been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I passed my flight assessment two weeks ago and I am now just waiting for the official confirmation and certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority to enable me to operate it commercially. 

If anybody has any requirements for great quality aerial images or 4K UHD video, please let me know. The turnaround time expected from the CAA is 28 days, so I have approximately 2-3 weeks and then I will start flying.

If you have an idea of what you would like, contact me and we can make some arrangements to get an appointment organised and if it is within the strict CAA regulations we can fly the Typhoon and get the results that you need whether it's for business or pleasure.