Hotel Photography

Don't allow your estate agent to take your photographs

When you are selling your most valuable asset you are relying on your estate agents skills and experience to negotiate the best possible price in the shortest possible time.  Why though would you allow an estate agent to photograph your home? This is somewhere you have no doubt worked hard to make look it's best, both whilst owning it and also in the days and hours leading up to the estate agents visit. Then they turn up, take notes about all the different rooms and gardens, if they are a better quality agent, they will draw a floorplan. Then, out of their bag or purse comes a compact point-and-shoot camera.


How does this make you feel? Are they doing their best to market your home to it's potential? I would say not.

In a market where image is key and every potential purchaser heads straight for the photographs before looking at anything else, it's essential that your home makes a great first impression. 

Any property that is on the market, will only ever have one buyer. One person who goes on to actually hand over the money to buy it. If the best buyer for your property is put off the moment they look at the photographs, how much money could you loose? Potentially thousands!! 

The photographs have to sell a house, and sell a lifestyle to potential purchasers. They need to feel drawn to view it and we all know that the first place potential buyers look when viewing Rightmove etc is the photographs. 

Make sure yours is the home they want to view more than any others. If the eventual buyer likes the images, they will view and potentially offer thousands more than the next person may do. For a relatively small outlay, it could pay for itself many times over

Also, don't think for a minute that once that for sale board goes up, the advert is in the paper or placed in the estate agents window, that every neighbour, friend and friends of friends on Facebook will not be having a peak on the agents website or Rightmove!! Of course they will. Most of the people you know will be having a sneaky peek to compare for themselves. Don't you want yours to look the best in the street? Stand out from the crowd? Of course. 

Therefore do NOT settle for terrible quality, badly lit and poorly aligned photographs.

Can you afford to loose thousands of pounds? Do you want your friends and neighbours thinking your home is dark, dingy and small?

Use a professional photographer to come out and spend quality time at the property taking images with the best lighting, equipment and experience of both shooting and of post production which can be just as vital to the final result.

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